Mobile services for a mobilized workforce

Train by Cell offers technology solutions using audio, responsive mobile websites, text messaging, smartphone apps, as well as custom development & engineering. We are always expanding our technology tools and offer more than 20 additional features.

Each solution makes your job easier. Bundled together or used independently, our technologies allow employees and managers to stay up to date with new company policies, communicate with large, separate groups at once and take their work with them


With a 96% open rate, there’s no better way to engage your workforce than text messaging. With texting you can:

  • Send links to training content on our platform or your LMS
  • Schedule a sequence of texts to deliver short bits of educational content 
  • Inform new employees which documents to bring for onboarding 
  • Send personalized messages for birthdays and anniversaries
  • Alert employees to hazardous weather conditions or emergency situations
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Build a beautiful mobile web app for your organization with no coding or I.T. required. Our easy to use drag-and-drop mobile web builder can house any kind of interactive content so that you can:

  • Provide a resource of training materials
  • Text and quiz trainees
  • Conduct polls with realtime results
  • Embed video and audio content
  • Collect contact info from potential hires
  • Make a repository for benefit information available 24/7

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Want to send personalized audio updates to all your employees without herding everyone into a conference room? Our web-based platform makes it easy to record, upload and modify audio content.
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Smartphone apps are an alternative to using our Mobile Web Platform and don’t require internet access. The content can be updated 24/7 and your users will able to receive push notifications with updates.
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Sometimes you need something special. You name it and we can build it. Our in-house engineers are experts in building easy-to-use mobile services. We can easily create seamless interactions for you.
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