Text Messaging

Texting is one of the most powerful mobile tools today. Everyone knows how to text, it is either free or almost free to most users, and it is immediate. You can reach out to your employees with meeting reminders, sales updates, deliver links to a mobile web page with additional content, and engage in a live dialogue with your employees. And when WiFi goes down, text messaging  easiest way to communicate.

How it Works:

  • Train by Cell’s web-based administrative platform allows you to create, modify, schedule and send text messages..
  • Your employees opt in using their phones, you can upload contact lists, or  integrate  an existing database to sync lists.
  • Text messaging service includes the short code. Mobile carriers charge $12,000 a year for this feature; but Train by Cell will include it at no charge. Additionally, you get a primary keyword, unlimited secondary keywords, and easily accessed reports, available through a dashboard.

Our latest addition to our Text Message Platform is Super Text. Learn more about it here.